With a few beers under my belt last night, a fluid with the title REHAB was the first decision of the day.  Kinda makes you think like you are on the wrong track if you feel you should  be drinking REHAB...

Pretty sure this is an Ecstasy Laboratory.

PARIS... is burning.

This is the view from Lewis' balcony.  Ah, the serenity...

I and I

This is a step by step instructional blog to school all you fools out there that drink the coffee, but are un educated in how said coffee is made!  It doesn't  just grow on trees you know.... oh ahhh!

First thing is first... Buy a BIG DOPE ASS GOURMET ESPRESSO MACHINE and grinder!

Secondly, grab some of the trees you shaped into a cock and balls shooting a bud load  before and roll some of that into a joint..

Grab your coffee of choice.  The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice.  Or something like that.  Ebony Blend yo!

Pack that shit in tight after you ground dem shits.

Put it in the BIG DOPE ASS ESPRESSO MACHINE and extract the shit out of it.  Roughly 25 - 30 ml with a nice consistent pour..

Sugar that shit up.

Stir that shit up.

Then we get the milk involved.

Froth that shit up.

If you have frothed the milk correctly, you are on the home stretch.

Now pour that shit up.

Rookie Mistake.

And there it is.  Lewis Marnell's infamous Cafe Latte de la Rasta.

Don't even think about having a sip until you light that joint you rolled earlier!  BRRRRUP.

The coffee is that good...   I couldn't see my legs!

We were riding up the street when we saw Nikeem walking home.  We stalked him for a good 100m just creeping up behind on our bikes documenting him.  We were within metres only to be foiled when the snap of the camera gave us away!

Push Bike Paparazzi.

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