Went down to see La Familia in sunny Mt Eliza.  Dad and I were going to fix the brake pads on my car together...

Well... Dad or Huge, Huwey, Hubert, Shug, Shuggy,  Shugster, Big Shug or just plain Hugh started to work on my car.  I just blogged that shit.

He also has a deep passion for anything super uncool.  Such as wearing Crocs shoes 24 hours of the day!  Weird that he doesn't have his 3/4 length pants on today actually?  You gotta let him slip through when the Crocs he is running have something or someone's blood splattered across them.  I decided it was smarter not to heckle him today... AND he is playing around with the brakes in my car!

...meanwhile I was inside, trying on pairs of my old massive skate jeans.  These were my favorite Carhartt pants for so long... size 36, current waist size that actually fits correctly...size 30.

... and also noticed their dog Anna has invisible legs too!

Oh look, Shug is having a beer.  That should definitely mean he has finished with my shit!
Good Work pal.

I definitely miss is not having this at the end of my street on the hot summer's day when I lived here.

This is Simon.  He has just got out of jail for 5 years.  He comes down the skatepark and drinks and sometimes skates, if he isn't too pissed.  We try and help him stay out of trouble, he tries to help himself stay out of jail.  These are some of the tattoos he acquired over his time in there. All done with a home made tattoo gun made out of a Playstation controller Rumble Pak and charcoal ink.  He has a lot more too.

Aussie Made.

Not Guilty.  Mother Fuckers.

Then Brugh who came all the way over from Perth for the holiday festivities, came over to my house to pass the dutchie to the left hand side.  Big up to ya.

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