L..I..V..I..N.. Livin' baby!

When riding my bike around I normally try to go a way that I have not been before where possible.  I stopped at this tunnel, but as it looked a little ominous being a pitch black hole into fuck knows where, I was hesitant.  Then, as I stop and question it.  This Senior Citizen toots me out of the way and flies down and disappears into the nothing...  I was so stoked after taking this photo I just flew down after him.  Could have been a bottomless pit or a gang of steroid abusing biker dykes in there for all I knew... but old mate sold it... totally.


Would you mess with this?  THUG LIFE.

Sampled some of Yarra Valley's finest eating...  Fish n Chips.

You toucha my fish... I breaka your face!

If you have been consuming this stella blog, you will remember when Tim mysteriously froze at Bimbo Deluxe several days ago.  We had all forgotten and decided to get him out for some air.  We swapped the knife he was still holding for a Calippo and placed him in the corner to enjoy the atmosphere of the designated extreme sporting area.  You know what, I think Tim is gonna be alright...

Who wouldn't play tennis with Glen if these are the sort of Volleys he is throwing around.

Some kid below documented throwing up a quick scribble.  Tim.. even if you are frozen.  I am fucked if I know how you took this miniature photo on my phone!  Good blogging though. It's up here innit!

Nami Art.

Check how good Nami's throw up below is.  Homie peeking out from the side next to what seems to be a washing line with appropriate hanging garment.  Gold.


One of the many reasons I hang out with Lewis is, if he going to do something he does it properly.  He needed to buy some rolling papers for a few joints... he bought the whole fucking box.  Sorted.

One of the proprietors of Yellow Bird Cafe... Clint.  Big up to ya.

Pic of the Day.

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