Wizard Meeting.

After IGDD yesterday there was not one single reason I should not go
 down to the park and witness the destruction of a good old fashioned Wizard Gathering...

By the time I was there the magic had already started flowing...

Drink your own height in beer cans and become a wizard once you have obtained your staff.


Simply pleasurable to watch.

Keegs was the first to be crowned with the Warlock Wardrobe.


Summoning evil spirits.

Alex brought his staff into 09 and slotted on a recycled old staff into a handle.

Ah... I wasn't going to say anything... but...    Al kissed Ralph in the toilets.  Dudes!...

Ralph must have been into it coz he started dancing up a storm...

Niddy was feeling like a bit of a Dust Up with him.

No Sleep till Brooklyn...

Oh nup...  there he goes.

Times of consciousness and comprehension were starting to become sparse for Wizard Keegs...

Seems Ralph was looking for another kiss?

More like he has been kissed on the dick by a fairy to get to the 
level of rad that I witnessed.

And then big man started to not look so good...

Yep... he is down.

and out.  Proper out.

Wizard Alex maintained a steady pace and with great composure obtained his Wizardry as if it were just another day in the park.

Yuta got played by the game.  No Wizard.


Wizard down.

Trav and The Box snuck in some crafty spells at the end.  Wizards.

And that was that.  We packed up the cauldron.

We payed our respect in full to all the fallen Wizards that we had seen go down in front of us.

Some on each other...

But do not think for one second that I was riding down the street without this image burnt into my memory...

Wizard Guru Rottura.

Mike Martin in his Modus t shirt maintained a mild manner whilst meandering with a Melbourne Bitter.  Marvelous.

The Ender Enders.

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