Sunday Skates

This washing machine hasn't got many friends!

An excellent reproduction of a fish skeleton demonstrated on a dumpster.  Excellent.

JOLT. Gangster

Hungry Hungry Street Hippos.

Richmond has some dope old houses around.

REACH. Tight

These are the windows I drew on at the soon to be Street Machine Skateshop.  All I am going to say is if you look hard enough at the window below you may just find a little Cock n Balls in there... it's there.  Start looking.

Anton's beard is quite substantial... and quite rugged.

As for Al Wilson's moustache.  You gotta a bit of work ahead of you pal!

We then ventured to the new Chelsea mini ramp.  It is quality.

The local lads had a few sprouters around to keep them occupied.

Honey, I  shrunk the back wheel?

Nikeem was ripping.  Throwing up one of Mike Smith's grinds!

In Australia the Koala Bear is known to sit in a Eucalyptus tree and get stoned all day off of eating the leaves...  Niddy could be looked at as an Urban Koala.  His tree... Yellow Bird Cafe, his leaves... Double Vodka and Cranberry.

Jake threw up a quality dick burner in the toilets... with comedy relief pre-installed!

Whilst Niddy's kept falling out his trouser leg...

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