Midget Returns...

Matthew William Maunder AKA "The Midget"
has decided to bless the people of Melbourne
with his enthusiasm towards life again...

I think his words before attempting to
ride my bicycle in this photo were...

"C'mon, don't worry... I am good as gold!"

He got beaten by this stationary gutter
which appeared out of nowhere randomly
on the side of the road.

Then a lady friend's house...

Topped of with some casual nude lounging...


Blah Blah.

Extinct Business.  One Hour Photos.


The only thing funnier than these off road
fruit boots would be meeting the guy that
bought these fuckers in the first place.

Just picture him with hands behind the back,
swishing across your local soccer field...

Still hulking out...

Amazing conversation...

Also a new low...  blogging FaceBook.

My new steed...  10 speeds to get my crippled ass around.

A new and improved effort of someone else's
picture for Chris' tattoo.

Whales have big dicks...

 Don't ever try to start...

with Brainjuice.

Because payback is a bitch...

Committee Assemble!

Here is some notes from a recent COMMITTEE MEETING
held over in Glasgow for anyone who was unable to attend.
With the MINISTER OF FOREIGN BODIES at the head of the table
and the JANITOR discussing the big issues at hand
we can all keep on relaxing for now...

Sorry Walker.

It was WAY TOO GOOD not to put up!

Meeting Adjourned.

That Was My Birthday?

My nephew Ben.  


"Shit!...   Have I lost a finger?"

"Just kidding!..."

"Let's ROCK!"

Here is a first hand example of when brilliant kids get better...

Brainjuice dropped by.


Mmmm... Used Tasting Spoons on the counter!

So many options...

Scoots made himself quite at home with the local
pub/pokies venue's complimentary beverages and
whipped a little English Breakfast blend for
himself after dinner...

"I say...  Juice old boy...  have you another gold coin in
which I can continue this frivolous gambling spree...
I have already put in a "fiver" as they say!"

"And these flannelette shirts you worker types wear are truly a sturdy acquisition!"

"I am quite toasty, I'll say."

Excessive Couch.

After 3 consecutive days,
I am totally up to date with film clips
and other miscellaneous television fodder.


And I now also feel like David Attenborough is my new uncle.

Foot is recovering.

It is presently in the transition period of

Sans Lump at least.

Not what I was hoping...

Deep fog...  

A state in which my brain can obtain with an overwhelming ease.

Your boring...    call in the fog.

Power down.

My grill.  In panoramic.

Ah...  yeah...  skateboarding didn't go so well today.


Is it going somewhere?
Has it packed it's own fucking bags up on skateboarding?
Has my foot learnt how to steal and
dacked something super cool that I don't even know about yet?

Ah...  picture me rollin'!?


Official Hospital Kooties Specimen Sack.

After my second xray for the day,
and the thought of my nuts not working after this,
and not even a copy to keep this time....

Apparently not broken... 

Good News.


More Hot Air Balloons....

For some reason I dig 'em.

...and personally unchartered bike trails.

I'm Captain Fuckin' Cook on 2 wheels I tell ya!

Kiling it.


Fresh Shoes.

It's always going to be a good day
when the balloons are out in the morning...

Painted some Vans shoes on the weekend
for a Foot Locker opening in QLD.

Zombie Gypsy Beezy!

Gave them to Andy on Swan St.

We left the empty shoe box on the seat
with the lid closed and a message in it

The walls can talk...

Autumnal Traverse

Ahhh...  Autumn in Prahran.


Watch the full video of

Autumnal Traverse
by Chris Middlebrook

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