Cock... Balls.

I highly doubt that I will ever get tired of graffiti that
involves a rendition of a cock and balls...

I know you are laughing...

Coppin Street Studios

This wall is still holding it's own after 6 years.

Mase.  Tattoo Life.

This is the old Coppin Street Studios.  Soon no longer.
This upstairs area was where I witnessed probably the best
Energy was high, kids were hanging off the rafters, pulling the wiring down
and the boys fucking rocked it.... always.

Here is a sniff here...

We held an exhibiton in there back in 2007.
A group of Melbourne artists had to paint the back panel
of sleeveless denim jackets.  80's style...

I did this one for my homies.


And a portrait of Brainjuice.
Who you may know from previous blogs...

I guess that will not be happening again...

Brainjuice Salute!!

Here is a few snaps from Brainjuice's World Surf Safari...

Homie knows how to keep it random.

That's Stupid... Awesome!

I still do not understand how something so stupid
can entertain so much...

Oh yeah...  I'm stupid!

Anyone remember this one from the exhibition?


Gutter Trash...

Proof that I never really get out of the gutter...

Just consider the clientele of Aldi supermarkets,
being sketchy and super cheap food.

Now consider how many people they must have stood back
and witnessed struggle trying to get their trolley of reject groceries
down these steps instead of the ramp provided in order
to warrant putting up a sign for THE FUCKING OBVIOUS!

Speaking of idiocy...
Chris has taken to wearing a helmet at work for his own safety.

Cardboard kills.

Although...  Whilst he was wearing his helmet in the toilet
and perusing an old Slam Australian skateboarding magazine,
he came across this old photo of fellow employee Tim...  I mean...

Ringo Starr!

Oh my god... did we laugh!

"She loves me... yeah... yeah... yeah..."

Note the blinding light arising from his party zone.
It has been known to do this for it's own preservation because
if you see Tim's "party zone" in the normal light you are
more than likely going to faint, wake up, and start chasing
him down in order to shag him senseless.
He is sick of it alright girls.  Trust me!

"She loves me... yeah... yeah... yeah..."

Biffy Clyro.

The economic crisis has hit everyone...

Even Melbourne's art has
taken up smoking due to stress.

Bubble Tea?

Seems Justin had tucked a few more
beers away than the rest of us!

Ethics.  Thug Life.


Wassup dog...

Sunday Stupor.

One of the tougher looking dudes I know...

Drinking the gayest little latte coffees I have ever seen...

Not esspresso...  latte.

I don't know if I am crossing the line here...

That was done a long time ago actually.

Homie in a wheelchair... with a cheetah on the back.  Sweet.

"Dudes got totally trolleyed last night!..."

New generation aboriginal art.  Graffiti Goannas.  Bang!

I got to ride around the F1 Grand Prix track on my bike
before they totally closed it to the public for racing...

The V is for Vagina.
One of the most powerful fuels known to man...

I don't know why there is a shell next to it?

Didn't quite get Pole Position...

Close second...

Laggin' Raggin' and Art Faggin'..

The Everfresh boys were repping Fitzroy today..

Went to Andy Murphy's house to get some art done
for the black and white exhibit coming up in April...  will let you know more soon.

Andy's head has been a bit blurry of late...

He still finds stuff to entertain himself...

Like drawing dicks on my stuff.

Guess I am pretty happy with these backgrounds...

Fresh beard!

Obviously the finished product is going to be better...

Andy's "studio" set up is amazing.
Scrunch yourself into a ball and try to paint on the floor between the kitchen and lounge!

This is the side of Andy's house.
Ain't no one touching this STYYYYYLE son.

Frost.  Thug Life.

Andy had to common courtesy to give a quick bit of
entertainment by locking himself out of the house before I left..

Gotta love it when you see a tag you totally forgot you even did...

Going All City...

I think this sperm grew legs and ran away from home....

Love Worm?

It was so quiet riding home that there was a
real life authentic tumbleweed rolling past...

What a cunt...

You have motivated me actually...
To make sure I never come in contact with arseholes like this!

We would rather be 2 grown men playing on an old electronic scooter
we found discarded out the back of the supermarket at 10pm...

Fabio is going pro.

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