The Mornington Peninsula...

A much needed trip down to the coast was the order for the day...


Ye Olde Spa Bath.

Brainjuice's Kilt Towel is ripping.

BJ opted for some odd swimming.

Of course.

I was pretty high and thought we could be on the moon...

We jumped off the top of the rock into the rockpool.  BOOM!

Best Homemade Smoking Sandals this side of Frankston.

Check the Popeye leg muscle in the shadow!

Sailing Ship Rock?


For some reason, smashed pigeons really entertain me?

I think I have a fear/obsession with death.

Especially when the bottom half of the bird looks like it is still dancing
and the top half looks like it has been run over by a...  Oh. Ha! Whoops.


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