You have to love those mornings when yo see some super
energetic person is really into their job at 7am
and all you want to do is go back to sleep...

Fuck you... Window Washin' Wilbur.

Suppose I was blogging at this time though...

That doesn't really require expending energy though...

Just looking through a really stoned set of sketchy blue eyeballs...

and going...    "Ah... whoa... wait... that's awesome!..."

Went along and checked out the Mickey Avalon gig.
Crowd was definitely hyped on it...

Then urinated in a tall glass that someone had conveniently left...

Someone really fucked up here...

A deuce and an undergarment.  Heavy.

The weirdest part about this toilet scene was the janitor dude
just standing there watching me expel urine instead
of doing something about the SHIT ON THE FLOOR.

I suppose he was tripping out on me taking a photo of it..

It also may have been his glass I was pissing in...

LA in Melbourne.

I saw this today.  Amazing.

Give me one of those wavy hippie style trims on top so it doesn't look like anyone's cut it
for years and it just falls off, then bang up a dope little mustache and...
drop some spaghetti style type shit from just kinda off centre of  the bottom of my chin!
10 bucks...  Word.

This chap on the street to the left is Anthony from the band MetroStation.
My boss Mike secretly really loves this band,
so when Anthony was up in the room I got him to call Mike.

He still has the message saved.

I still do not have a pay increase.

This is Mackey.  Good Dude.
He was on tour DJing for Mickey Avalon.

We showed them all a good time and some authentic Australian behaviour.

Smashing back a couple of goon bags...

Still Working...

Tim and I got on the board graphics press today..

Printed a bunch of Wooden Weapons boards that I drew up
for Street Machine skateshop.  Still don't know if being the guy that
draws the board and the guy that prints the board too
is furthering my success in life?

I am going to say "Not Yet."

The scaffolding around a 5 story building came crashing down today,
straight across the middle of the Commercial Road, Prahran.

Luckily enough all the workers were having morning tea.

5 people went to hospital.

Someone is getting their arse kicked over this for sure...

Prahran Kids Rock..

Sometimes Yuta can only skate on 2 wheels...

"Hello!...   Shit reception around here." 

The local Prahran Junior Mafia have been absolutely shredding lately.
They all now each have there own skateboard...
It is keeping there devilish minds well occupied.
Well,...  they did steal these couches to sit on.

Prahran Represent.

Ozman jumped the big trolley - little trolley gap.

But, what if he were a GIANT and was throwing
a switch crooks on that building behind?..

Totally ripping.  Not bad for a bunch of brats that used to
fight over who was butt boarding through the park 2 months ago... 

Someone's got steez...


Old school Richmond steez...

This one is for the 12th follower of the blog...

Baby Face John "Burgo" Burgess.

I am now at Jesus status!...

Welcome back Brainjuice...

Here he is as he returned of the plane in his orange ensemble..

Including a shirt full of cut oranges which is originally
a Sainbury's checkout chick's shirt that
he happened to pick up at the op shop...

 He also brought back a tee with the
design I drew for Scottish Hobo Society.

Thanks Ali Low.  Guru.

Pens to the Porsche..

Today I had a good day at work...

"Hey Nate, you should paint some cobwebs on my Porsche!.."

"HaHa...   Serious?"


...and the wheels.

Arden.  Boneless Shredding.

Um.  Wee trickle...


Keegs headed back to the Sunshine Coast... we will miss you pal.

Sydor is the boss!...  sunglasses at dinner.


The hot air balloons were going across Melbourne this morning...

Here is another special employee
I get to spend my days laughing with.  Meet Chris...

Angry Eyes Flying (with halo)??.

Nabi's sister put this tattoo on him
whilst he was asleep...  Awesome.

New Bike...

Good Morning.

I still skateboard, I swear.  Bikes just look cooler in pictures.

Not as cool as this guy...

Lewis was putting together a new bike for myself to ride.
Mike Martin popped in to attach a back brake on his newly "found" road bike.

My new steed.  I didn't get a finger dirty,
Lewis and Tim did the whole thing for me.
I just cooked them dinner..

Only paid $50 bucks for the set of dope wheels
and the rest of this beast was "found".

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