Simmer Squad Saturday

Still Smokey...

..the sky, not us.

Diversal's greeting board..

Check out how staunch this guy is..

It says Wipers down the bottom, I guess if you mess with this fool
he cleaned you from the screen..

We decided to inhale some downtown aromas..

Whilst the Hot Crew are out throwing down hammers and jumping off buildings..

We get mad Simmer Squad and maybe drop off a gutter..

There should be a sign for dudes like this in the hawaiian shirt below saying..

" Please refrain from ruling so hard upon entering the hospital,
people are sick, hurt and pissed off that they are in here.
If you continue to keep repping in such vast amounts,
please do so outside, away from the patients.
Thank you."

Finch frontsiding back to the early 90's..

Toilet Roll got sessioned.

Steezed frontside flip on a hella steep bank.

Dressing up in a stupid promotional costume in the streets
is like giving the entire public the rite of passage to fuck around with you
and torment you till they feel satisfied without one bad word to be said.

Here is proof of the "Red Curtain" in action.
Sam just hopped up there to backside 5-0 then flicked his hair away to transfer
to frontside boardslide up and over the handrail...


Sydor of Camblor and Sam George were out filming some trickery..


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