Another Sunday.

Colour for the day...


That is including the RED hair which will be
called ORANGE for the purpose of this exercise...

"Ok...  Fish move your board out to the right,
Now look like you are using hip skate lingo to describe something,
Tangles you move your board out to the left... grab that joint looking thing off Yuta.."

Boom.  Lifestyle shot.

You will be hard pressed to find a food wrapper in the bin at Prahran...

Rooftop parties are always killer...

Especially when the kitchen dowstairs has a totally
skateable ramp built to the wall..

Somehow Tamara fell instantly pregnant after the party!

Then I found out it's contagious around here.

Ever tried skating when you are about to pop out a junior?..

I have already named it...

Balthazar Baldrick "Balloon Face" Bloggins.

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