LA in Melbourne.

I saw this today.  Amazing.

Give me one of those wavy hippie style trims on top so it doesn't look like anyone's cut it
for years and it just falls off, then bang up a dope little mustache and...
drop some spaghetti style type shit from just kinda off centre of  the bottom of my chin!
10 bucks...  Word.

This chap on the street to the left is Anthony from the band MetroStation.
My boss Mike secretly really loves this band,
so when Anthony was up in the room I got him to call Mike.

He still has the message saved.

I still do not have a pay increase.

This is Mackey.  Good Dude.
He was on tour DJing for Mickey Avalon.

We showed them all a good time and some authentic Australian behaviour.

Smashing back a couple of goon bags...

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