The Local Bombshell

The best thing about growing up with huge spiders in Australia is
watching tourists piss their pants when they see them...

Almost worth getting bitten.

This is gnarly.  We have here, the direct result of someone going to hang a piss at the toilet and a so called friend coming up behind you and trying to kill you by slashing your throat.  No joke.

Lucky our man here was that bit quicker, and is still sitting here for me to take a photo of him.


Nick warming up on the deck.  The guy in the background was practicing pakour or freerunning.  This is him padding up and hitting the vertical terrain.  That is a frontside carve.

Nick is riding the new Street Machine shop boards which I doodled up for them.

Tough enough I guess.  For now...

As does anything left in the vicinity of the local project kids idle hands...   it gets destroyed.

The wind started it, the kids finished it.

The best throw up I have seen for a long time.  The irony hurts so good...

You're..    WHack.

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