Finally finished Chumba today.

No more listening to hairdressers talk dribble.

"We could do that... and then we will really funk it out a bit.
Make it hip you know, make it pop..."

They wanted bright... they got bright.

I was celebrating the completion of a job.

Niddy was just having another night, drinking from the lead guitarist's
snappy leather boot whilst the band were still playing on stage...

Up Yours. Quietly.

Here is Scotty telling the guitarist that if he is trying to get some street cred
then Kenny Bloggins is the only avenue to getting it out to the real heads!!

As you can see... never go to Detour on Swan St, Richmond.  Even when you are super drunk.

Unless you like eating shit.

Kenny Bloggins needs a rest...

..but remember,  the blog never sleeps.

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