IGDD Friday

Took a trip down to the deserted Mango Island...

I.G.D.D.  It's Friday bitches.

Jake was feeling extra special about it...

Nearly as entertaining as old men on rollerblades is
young kids making tough gangster statement tags and either consciously
or not beefing up the ghettoness with bad, misspelt "ill" grammar.
It's like a retarded kid telling you to come correct.  I love it.

Another favourite is homegrown tattoos.

I think Jakey's is possibly the best I have seen yet.

Look at the guys head coming out the other guy with the mullet cut's arse
which is attached to a bird's neck via string and...   

it's all there.

He did it himself.

There has been a beard growing competition going amongst a few of the lads since NYE.
But Alex here already had a beard long before that
and will probably have one long after they do too.

That's why he can sit back and blaze all Willie Nelson style and shit...

Representing in true form with the original IGDD Season 1 Hawaiian shirt
with the Season 2 IGDD tee underneath, ripping in Season 3...

Steaks n Suds will back tail your face off...

Missed the good trick... sounded good?...  good blogging!...


Ah...  PBP PFK crews.  We came to the conclusion that some old school writer had just been released from jail from a 15 year stint, probably an armed burg, maybe killed a few guys and finally got back in the real world.  He still thinks PFK PBP are the dope crews...   little does he realise that all the dudes that are in those crews are dead from drug overdoses or back in the concrete block he just came from...  Jail is a bitch.


This would have been a more suitable tag for him...

Tim locked in an idea...

Soggy Box.
Slight Water Damage.

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