My Day Off.

Obviously the staff at Dimmeys get paid peanuts...

I guess no one was expecting the average Dimmeys store
floor staff wage to be that inspiring really...

Brainjuice added his bit to the pile after some coverall sampling...

Oooooh... A little extra with these boxers!

I had heard there were some devoted Franco
fans out there.  But seriously kid...   too far.

Mavis Theodore S. Preston Logan.

Mavis.  BS TS.

This image is actually the xray microscope function on my phone.

We are in fact inside Sam Morgan's brain here,
note that we are just under the epidermis
with the roots of the red follicles protruding
into the top of the image with a miniature
Sam inside the brain whispering to him crazy stunts
to try on his skateboard...


Confirmed stunt...

More confirmation.


You stole my sunglasses.


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