Was riding home from my first day back at work when pleasantly surprised by a phone call from Scoots.  " I am just near the Bird.."  " I am just about to ride past the Bird.. "

We decided that the fresh air at the skate park the other day did Tim a bit of good for his  "frozenness".  We have moved him to the exterior section of the Yellow Bird Cafe and replaced his Callipo with a more socially acceptable... beer.  Go down and see him.  The stimulation may trigger something.  Maybe even take a stick to prod with...

"Look at me... Franco!  I have ze crazy designer haircutting ztrait from ze Tokyo!"

Thai Fishcakes and WE LOVE BRUGH!

Gemma is awesome at making her fingers glow!
Maybe she was phoning home or something?...

Some wasted Japanese guy... oh, it's Yuta.

We stopped on the way home to see if the boys could find the cock and balls in the window painting...

It took Yuta ages, but he eventually found it.

I was a little intoxicated by this time.  Trying to cut a mango apart I broke one of ze plates...

Then it started thinking for itself and didn't want to just hold food anymore and hang out in the cupboard, coz that was for cups man! and all the other plates down at the dish rack are all so squeeky clean...

"I am gonna expand my mind with music.."

"Fuck it!" I think I heard it say as it grabbed a cigarette and started his rebellion...

"Im a going to FUCK SHIT UP!"

Mmmm... seems it went pear shaped... I mean banana... ah fuck. 

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