Stiffy Sunday

Fabio and Franco.

Unfortunately one of these birds died the other week and I found it directly under this branch where they chill in my backyard.  These two have just returned from some time away to grieve.  Good to smell the high grade again lads??...

I normally ID Yuta when he comes around... just in case.

Fabio found some old surf wax in my sled and make this weird nipple breast cup with it..

...and then got down to the real stuff.

"HEY YOU LADY!  Look what I have created!  ZE KOK N BAWS!"

Slippery when wet.

These two old girls copped a right dicking at the traffic lights!

Cock Rock.

It even shoots light...  lots of it.

Psychedelic Tarantula.

Yuta loves the dick...

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