Went and joined the masses of on lookers at the New Year's Day Big 3.  Never been in any condition to make it to this before, so I was just stoked turning up!

Heavyweight paparazzi were here

Notice how everything is still... except Yuta's botttom jaw.  Mad shit talking yo!

Mappers is tough as fuck.

I decided to call these 2 old salts, Harold n Kumar.  Just got bored.

Gumtree Ghetto

This piece of art is supposed to be the biggest petition ever formed in Australia to secure the right for women to vote in Australia.  It didn't happen until 7 years after they received it.

It reminds me of toilet paper spooling uncontrollably off the roll?

I discovered this place.  I am coming back next week to get my favorite Air Max surgically attached to my feet.  Fresh!

Thug Life.


I was looking at all these bricks for ages.  Stephen B's was my favorite.  Good plane and nice straight lettering, little off centre..

Picture of a sand castle on a brick?

Man's Best Friend...  That is the shittest DOG drawing I have ever seen.

WUZLO. Gangster.

I was looking at this piece and just couldn't think of anything else than Jesus getting his Crip Walk on fool!... ya heard.

Fabio trimmed his moustache.  Look at zee straight lines.  No coffee getting ztuck on zhat bhad bhoy for zee while!

And then fed a fly to the 2 spiders that decided to join us for the BBQ.

Middsy warming the grill with a few onions and vegie burgers.

He had also formed and styled some sort of Ski Jump style fringe.

Nami is in there somewhere.

Fabio felt like he had spoilt the party for everyone when he broke ze glass.

Grill is finished yo.

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