This is the place you go if you want a KICK ASS LIFESTYLE!!

BASK. Fuck Life.

I originally got this bike for $10, so I have no right to complain when things fall off...  like my whole pedal.

Some junkie is fuming right now coz they dropped these guys...

Lots of Bricks.


Hangin' Loose.  Jean Girard in the background there is just neatly securing his third flatspotted wheel for the day.


This banana was over ripe.  I dont know what you are thinking about?..

Fabio was really enjoying his golden hour experience in the southern hemisphere.

Possibly the best dude ever..

Morgs was feeling so irie he had too get more involved.  Door Lace Dreads.  Jah Bless.

Any tea in there Finch?

Finch got involved in some blog viewing.. On possibly the smallest laptop ever.

We have hit new highs here people... you are looking at the blog of someone looking at the blog.

There may just not be another post....

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