Everyday I'm HUSTLIN'... HUSTLIN'...HUSTLIN'...

I had to venture down to Frankston today.  Peninsula Centre in the middle.  Say no more.

Picked up the new graphics I did for Trigger Bros.  Frankston Represent, Cake Or Die bitches!

VERGO.  Gangster.

Luke Croker's art is amazing.  Check out Foot Face.

Or Dick Faced Beaver?

This is little Mark.  He is 4 years old and is always skating at the skatepark coz he lives right near it.  Sometimes you see his Dad taking him for a ride on his motorbike up and down the street.  Mark is a guru... at 4.

Johnny went and got him this Cheeseburger coz he had been skating so good... watch Johnny's kid stopping technique!

Johnny - Mid Story.  I think this one was about surfing at Phillip Island.  He said he was happy with this photo.  He does not want to be identified on the World Wide Web.

Luke watched himself do an awesome Earpick to fakie?

Edges to skate.

I was all excited to get in Luke's sister's Jeep Wrangler.  I had never actually been in one of these types cars before for some reason...

The excitement was quickly evaporated when the stickers on the Sun Visor staring you straight in the face tells you that this particular vehicle has a Higher Rollover Risk than other cars...

and that death and serious injury can occur.  I didnt read on if this was applicable to everyone or just babies in ill fitted chairs... but I was worried.

Lewis soothed the anxiety with a new track from his Rastaville soundtrack that should be available soon...

Heelflip nose wheelie.  Pran.

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