Bikes, Bikes, Bikes.

Mavie is such an excellent dude that his own brother drew a picture of him and Element made it into T shirts.  Guru.  Grow a Beard.

Mavie was a little tired of representing for the Beards and with a quick stop at N Dizzle's finishing school...

and a briefly disturbing Shining moment...
he switched teams to the Moustaches!

I got all art faggy and started painting a board
It's gonna have some rad shit on it... that's not finished.  I don't do abstract.  Wankers.

En route we got sidetracked by BLAZEY ST and lost by the looks of it, mad blazey.  This is definitely a common occurrence when Franco and Fabio are on an adventure.
We got to Late's workshop (driveway) and the fixing frenzy was in full flight!

Local Bike Guru.  Lates.

Lates' nephew Jonty was in town from Shepperton.  He was put to work on shining the wheels with steel wool and quickly earned the name,  Mr Sparkle.

He wasn't about to run out of stuff to sparkle... there were a few wheels around.

Pic of the day.

This is the progress of Mavie's bike come nightfall.  He changed the arsehole bars.  Arsehole.

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