Mavie he can... Mavie he can't.

Mavie and I have a fondness with filling our days (once all the pressing matters are out of the way) with a slow paced mix of the finer things.  A good espresso coffee, some good conversation and a good bit of tinkering with old crap.

I am gonna jump right in and say this was the highlight of the day for me...   Between the above photo of getting readjusted on his steed whilst carrying 2 others steeds mid surgery down to Abbotsford Cycles to get the bottom bracket swapped over.... and the photo below,  where after adjusting his equipment and saying "Righteo.. we're good.  Let's go!" and taking a few weary pedals to gain momentum and then saying "..... Ahhhhhh shit!  I've got no brakes now!"  Then just watching akwardly rolling down the street with all this crap hanging over and around him, and only one option...  going faster!

Fuck did I laugh!

Right hand on other bike,  Left hand holding end of handle and other frame, brakes somewhere in the middle...

Pic of the Day.

With a few corrections...
And some steady riding...
We got to the Bike Store.
The guys in Abottsford Cycles are legends.  No attitude, no bullshit. Unlike the rest of Melbourne's bike store wankers.  These homies are just down to help.  Mavie asked if it was simple enough to pull the back hub apart to clean it and put it together again.  The old guy goes " Judging by your knowledge, you better watch something on the internet about that!"

Proof of how cool these dudes are...

Homeboy wears mother fuckin' rubber bands around the cuff of his denims.  Can't be worrying about no pant leg when there is shit to be fixed!

Then Sam Morgan, fellow bREDthren, came over with Tim Hillier to go skateboarding.

Note in this photo below how Mavie is holding his hands up coz he had fused his fingers together from holding onto so many bikes.
He had to ride the whole way with no brakes again, cross armed.
Hung out at a primary school for a while.  Cool.

The art at this school was tight.  This was an expression of a students bi-polar mother that hits him when he wears her underwear and throws dog terd at the windows.  Deep.

All night we were telling Tim that it is alright that we received the number 74 for our table and there is no curse on that number.  He kept going on about it.

Then as we were eating he kept looking at it and then suddenly froze.  He had not touched his pizza and was frozen stiff.  We kept eating, finished and left.  He is still there if you wanna see him... Bimbo Deluxe, Brunswick St.
Hi Tim!  Hope you unfreeze soon...

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