Early Birds...

I love being up and about at 7:30am on a Sunday...

Need a car park?

Ah...  Sausage dogs.


The surveillance camera salesman was really
coming in hot the day he threw his pitch to the guys
in this building.

" It's 100% proven to deter graffiti vandals and other
unsavory types not wanted around your premises..."

"Um... yes, well... I guess it's supposed to point at the ground like that,
he wouldn't just put one up there for no reason,
wouldn't you think Gus.. it's ahh... it's ahh..  
it's protecting that fire hose reel,
just in case someone unravels that hose,
we've got the top of their head on tape...
yeah that's what it's doing... "


Meant...  Boom!

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